Review of A Bridge Too Far by Lelia Rose Foreman

Short Story Reviews / Monday, October 28th, 2019

Action and adventure mingle with suspense and terror in this science fiction romp!

Roogo is an expedition leader leading an ever-dwindling group of people through perilous and uncharted jungle. Bridges of mysterious origin dot the canyons, along with a countless variety of flora and fauna, each holding unique and deadly dangers. As the group is slowly picked off, Roogo wonders if he will ever get what’s coming to him.

A Bridge Too Far by Lelia Rose Foreman was an absolute delight. I found it to be a cross between Jeff Van Der Meer’s Annihilation and James Cameron’s Avatar. This story was filled with swashbuckling anti-heroes, moral conundrums, and of course, treasure! The story is well written, with enough fantastical elements to draw us into a science-fictional world, without being so esoteric as to be alienating. You don’t have to be a hardcore sci-fi fan to enjoy this one, just a lover of adventure.

I don’t have much more to say about A Bridge Too FarIt was and excellent read, very well edited, and very deserving of its place in the Northwest Indepentent Writer’s Association 2017 Anthology Bridges. Check out A Bridge Too Far by Lelia Rose Foreman right here.

Official Kristine’s BRF rating:

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