Free Writing Fridays

Free Writing Fridays, General Thoughts / Friday, January 26th, 2018

Being a new, as-of-yet unpublished author isn’t always all s#*!s and giggles. The writing part is the best part, but then there’s the editing part, which isn’t so bad, but not as fun as the writing part. And then comes all the other stuff. You must build a website and gain a following. Which will help you in your search for an agent and publisher. But you can’t just send your work anywhere. Meticulous research goes into choosing the best matched agents to you, as well as making sure they are reputable.  And let’s not even talk about social media.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all. This is my dream and I’ve chosen to chase it. Like most new authors, however, I certainly didn’t realize all of the non-writing work that goes into achieving this goal. It’s a learning curve and one that I am happy to be on. But the writing gets away from you a little.

So, in order to make certain that I am still engaged in the part of this process that I’m most passionate about (the writing!), I’ve instituted #FreeWritingFridays. “What is that?” you ask. Well, #FreeWritingFridays is when you forget about all of your other obligations and responsibilities and simply write, for any amount of time, about anything you want. Feel like journaling? #FreeWritingFridays. Want to write a short story? #FreeWritingFridays. How about a chapter in that non-fiction you’re working on? #FreeWritingFridays!

I imagine that I am in the same boat as many authors in that my mind is in perpetual motion, constantly swirling with ideas for new stories, ways to make existing stories better, and other random thoughts that get caught in the twister. One of my biggest challenges is picking what I’m going to work on, and focusing on that long enough to write something coherent about it (whether it’s good or not is up to the masses). #FreeWritingFridays gives me the opportunity to simply grasp the first idea I can get a handle on, and write. And what comes of it could be garbage, it could be gold. The joy is in the finding out.

Join me, won’t you? Let your writer flag fly high and write whatever you please today! Who knows what you’ll come up with?

Tell me what you’re writing about today in the comments! #FreeWritingFridays